Characteristics of copolymer coated steel tape

2018/5/14 16:12:39

Copolymer coated steel tape is made of specially-made miniature high-strength galvanized iron wire and wrapped with anti-aging acid and alkali-resistant polyethylene resin. It is an integrated product of rigid material and flexible material. Its main stress component is steel wire, and the creep is very small.

Copolymer coated steel tape

Copolymer coated steel tape

Copolymer coated steel tape have the following features:

1. Large pull force: The main stress component of steel-plastic compound lacing band is high-strength galvanized iron wire in lacing band. The diameter and number of steel wire can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project to change the tensile force of the ribs and produce different tensile force requirements. The lacing tapes, tested by national statutory authorities, generally have a tensile strength of more than 110 Mpa-225 Mpa per rib.

2. Small deformation: The high-strength steel wire of the copolymer coated steel tape ensures that the breaking elongation of the tendons is ≤ 3%.

3. Long life: The protective layer of copolymer coated steel tape is made of high-molecular polyethylene material and incorporates a certain proportion of masterbatch such as anti-aging agent, anti-oxidant and light shielding agent, etc. It is extruded at high temperature to ensure the protection of the protective layer and steel wire. The binding force enables the protective layer and the steel wire to co-operate, and the hot extrusion in the production process reduces intermolecular gaps and ensures that the steel wire in the tendon band does not rust. The anti-aging polyethylene protective layer has chemical properties resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion and aging resistance caused by ultraviolet radiation. Tested by the national statutory authority, the lifespan of the steel-plastic composite lacing tape covered by the filler is Unlimited, it can almost meet the needs of permanent engineering.

4. Cost Province: Compared with rigid and flexible reinforcement bars, copolymer coated steel tape can save construction cost by 10-50%.

5. Convenient construction: Copolymer coated steel tape do not need to be processed before use, and cutting is convenient. Unlike rigid steel reinforcement tapes, it requires welding, anti-corrosion, and laying labor to avoid overlapping and effectively shorten the construction period.

6. Good pull-out resistance: The rough pattern and ribs formed by hot extrusion on the surface of the copolymer coated steel tape effectively increase the coefficient of friction of the ribs, and can fully meet the requirements of the pull-out resistance of the tall retaining wall.